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Our commitment to your privacy and the information we collect when you visit our website.

Any information provided to us will be kept confidential and only used to aid our service to you and improve our website and it’s promotion.

To meet new EU laws in 2012 we are informing you about cookies used on our website.

What are cookies
They can be used to store visitors preferences and record past activity at a site in order to provide better service when visitors return to our site.

Essential cookies
A cookie deemed essential for a website to work correctly must not be blocked otherwise the site will not work. For example an e-commerce website, cookies are needed for adding to a shopping cart checkout.

Non-essential cookies
Cookies only used to help with that little bit extra like a enhanced feature or for tracking website visitors with a tool like google analytics.

Google analytics
Google analytics uses cookies to track certain general information about a visitor to our website and show a record of how many visitors and which country they are located.

Registered users
If you are a register client user your IP address may be used to identify possible abuse of the system, and for remembering log in user names or passwords if checked to remember.

By using our website you are accepting these terms and conditions.

However if you do not want any cookie information to be collected you can disable cookies in your web browser. The main browsers are listed below with further details.

Internet Explorer